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I would like to introduce you to a new, revolutionary device that will change the way your current refrigeration systems operate. Frigbot® is a small device that plugs into your existing systems’ electronic controller. It allows access to temperature monitoring, remote programming and automatic alarm notification 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frigbot® is a cloud based wireless cellular device that allows remote access to all controller functions over the internet from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Automatic reports can be configured to send temperature, time and performance information.

Alerts can be customized to suit your requirements and sent via email or SMS to multiple recipients.

Detecting issues in your refrigeration system/s before you experience major equipment breakdown will save you not only money but downtime, power consumption, potential product loss and loss of trade.

24/7 temperature monitoring and logging.

You will have 100% peace of mind knowing that your equipment is monitored around the clock. No more worrying about temperatures on long weekends or holidays or having to rely on staff to check temperatures during the day or night.

You can also download live temperature reports for your own Food Safety Monitoring Procedures and the daily temperature report can assist in meeting Food Safety Standards and HACCP auditing.

Immediate notification of faults or alarms.

Fully customizable alarm notifications can be set to suit your requirements. Emails or SMS messages can be sent to any number of people including you, your staff, duty manager and even directly to Set Point Refrigeration.

Remote access to parameters and alarms

I will have live access to the controller itself. This allows me to see what the controller is doing, without having to be onsite. I will be able to check system performance, change settings or force defrosts, which may solve small problems before things get worse, or diagnose issues before even coming to site.

Site Specific Extras.

Is your equipment running inefficiently? Are your defrosts running longer than required? Are your staff leaving doors open?

All of these questions can be answered simply by installing Frigbot! We can customize power consumption formulas, add extra probes and install door alarms, all linked back to Frigbot and our live access and monitoring.


Frigbot Example:  Butcher’s Coldroom Live Graph